:: Why a Beagle? ::

The Beagle is one of the smaller hounds, but there is an immediate impression of strength and elegance in his small, sturdy body and he has proved himself an ideal dog as a companion or hunter.
His clean lines, colouring, and above all, his gentle hound expression have a general appeal from puppy-hood onwards. His gay affectionate temperament makes him an ideal pet for children, and although a good watchdog he is never aggressive or savage.
He is a healthy robust dog and easy to feed and care for. One meal a day for a fully grown Beagle will keep him in good condition, and his short dense coat needs only an occasional brush to present a well-groomed appearance.
His one fault as a pet is his inability to learn road sense.
Being a scent dog he will always follow a scent regardless of traffic, so that it is imperative to have safe fences to keep him off the road unless accompanied.
We recommend this attractive breed for the family, for showing and for hunting.
Wherever you go people will admire the handsome appearance and appealing nature of your beagle.
At dog exhibition shows dogs are judged according to their conformation to an official standard. In Australia Beagles are judged under the English Standard as this is their country of origin. America has it's own standard with many differences.
(Beagle Club of Victoria Inc)